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مخاطر الكهرباء - Electricity hazards

Electricity hazards

Introduction about the hazards of electricity: Electricity hazard is an essential source of energy and the nerve of modern life, and it is the driving energy […]
Caution Safety Shoes

What we do not know about the importance of the sword shoes

Safety shoes are important for men as well as for women, and can be worn as they provide protection to the worker, in accordance with European […]
معرض ماك تك

MacTech Exhibition 2018

معرض الحديد والصناعات المعدنية

Metal and Steel Exhibition 2019

Four hazards to electricity, workers must be warned

With the increase in the use of technology in the workplace, this has led to an increase in the use of electricity and increase the dealings […]

How to apply safety and safety standards when using forklift

It is difficult to enter any facility without noting the existence of forklifts, a mechanism similar to a small tractor with two forks in the front, […]
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